My Background:

I have a bachelor of arts degree in art history with minors in German and architecture. Everyone asks me what I was hoping to do with that degree and honestly I was hoping to go on and become an architect. After I graduated college in 2007 I got an office job (like I thought I was supposed to do) and realized I was pretty good at it. I rose quickly in the ranks from a Customer Service Representative to Team Lead and onto Operations Supervisor.

There were aspects of my job that I loved and aspects that I didn’t love, which I know is par for he course but I didn’t find myself racing to get up and greet the weekdays, so I set out to actually take the bull by the horns and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Also, I started this blog with the intention of sharing my job search knowledge and figuring out the answer to that question.

I Love Dogs…

I’m an avid dog lover, specifically big black dogs. The first dog I ever fell in love with is a big black dog and it broke my heart to find out that black dogs are discriminated against in shelters (it’s called Black Dog Syndrome). Due to the fact that it’s tough to get a good picture of a black dog and given the popularity of dog searching via the internet.

My husband and my other dog, Boo, is a coon-hound mix of some sort… she’s colored like a rottweiler (black and brown), but topped out at 36 pounds… She’s our first (of many to come) shelter rescues. Even though she’s a rescue she’s a total diva. She loves getting her nails done (seriously) and demands the attention and love of pretty much everyone she meets. She gets upset on walks if people don’t pet her.

My husband and I dream of one day owning a self sustaining dog farm where we rescue and foster big black dogs.

Aspiring Graphic Designer:

Aside from dogs I also love graphic design. I’m typically in the midst of at least one freelance project. I just finally started my portfolio, which you can view here.  I’ve found adding my work one piece at a time is a far les daunting project than trying to locate and all them all at once.

Aspiring Writer:

Also check out my article at The Y Mightier by clicking here. This is my first published article, which is something I never would have thought in my wildest dreams I would have ever done. I would have never realized writing was a skill that would give me so much fulfillment. Through writing I’m able to share my knowledge of the jobfield and help people which is so important to me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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